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St. Joan of Arc Indianapolis Podcast Page

Nov 16, 2017

In this final episode, Fr. Guy ends his class on Adam, linking the importance of understanding Adam is so important to better understand Christ.  The last class is titled: "The New Man".  If you're taking notes, you'll want to divide the class into three parts: A. The Son of Man; B. New Creation; C. Our...

Nov 9, 2017

This is the 4th of 5 classes that Fr. Guy is teaching on Adam.  Today we wrap up the previous class of "Man as lover", and move to "Creation as Covenant".

Oct 27, 2017

In this episode, Fr. Guy concludes the teaching from Episode 2:
"Man as moral".  He then begins on the next subject: "Man as lover".  Listen in to the great teaching from Fr. Guy.

Oct 19, 2017

In this second class of five discussing: Adam, Fr. Guy Roberts teaches us about the morality of God's most loved creation.  Fr. Guy will bounce around from Genesis, to Matthew, to the Psalms, and to Romans... So get your Bible handy!

Oct 12, 2017

This is Fr. Guy's first of five classes on Adam.  Listen in to hear Fr. Guy explain the two stories of creation (yes, there are two!)  Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Fr. Guy hashes it all out.