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St. Joan of Arc Indianapolis Podcast Page

Mar 29, 2019

This is the 3rd Class on the Book of Revelation from Fr. Guy Roberts.  Listen in!

Mar 26, 2019

Fr. Guy offered both a Men's & Women's Eucharistic Adoration service.  The audio captured was from the Men's service on 3/25.  The Adoration reflection starts with who was not at the cross during the crucifixion, who was at the cross, and the value to us today.  Listen in!!

Mar 25, 2019

In this homily, Fr. Guy talks about acknowledgement of our sin.  We can't receive mercy, without first acknowledging our sin.

Mar 22, 2019

This is Fr. Guy's 2nd class on the Book of Revelation.

Mar 20, 2019

This is Fr. Guy Roberts 1st Lecture on his class studying the Book of Revelation.